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Get those games of Teamfight Tactics in to collect your points, because the beta pass is ending soon! League of Legends has announced that the Teamfight Tactics beta pass will end at different times depending on the region. A lot of the regions did not have the same release timeline on live servers so that they were not overwhelmed. Additionally, a new beta pass will arrive with patch 9.16.

End dates & times

Riot Beernana announced that the last day to complete challenges and collect your rewards is between July 23 and July 29 depending on your region. The Japanese server will be the first to see the end of the beta pass on July 23 at 2:59 P.M. PDT. The latest any server will hold onto it is July 29 at 8:59 A.M. PDT. This end time includes the NA and both EU servers.

The picture below outlines the specific end dates and times for every region. All times and dates are in Pacific Daylight Time.

List of dates and times that the Teamfight Tactics beta pass ends in each region
Credit: Riot Games

A word of warning from Riot Beernana is, “Even if you were in a game or waiting for a game to complete when the [beta] pass turns off,” you will not be able to turn in challenges or collect rewards. So make sure you collect all of your rewards and points with time to spare before your region’s deadline. Check out some of our guides to help you with the more challenging missions!

Next beta pass announced

The post from Riot Beernana confirms the existence of Teamfight Tactics’ second beta pass. It will launch on live servers with patch 9.16. The next beta pass will be very similar to the one live right now. The League of Legends team is taking a slow approach to changes. The progression system in Teamfight Tactics is being analyzed by the team at Riot, and they want to insure meaningful changes. They want to “shake things up” by making more changes later, but there was no mention of how they plan to “shake things up.”