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The insufferable wait is nearly over: Riot’s Teamfight Tactics releases to North American servers tomorrow. The League of Legends autobattler spin-off was announced and then almost immediately released earlier this month. This early release was, until today, only open to players with access to the public test realm. This privilege came with the added bonus of having to wait upwards of 20 hours before you could hop into a match.

That all changes today, starting with the Oceania League of Legends servers that will be getting the mode first. Next is North America, where the Teamfight Tactics beta will launch tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST. This multi-step release process may help mitigate the overwhelming influx of players that will certainly hit Riot’s servers after the official launch.

The game — which is free, naturally — will feature 50 League champions at launch. The upcoming patch 9.14 will also introduce a ranked mode.

League of Legends releases Teamfight Tactics auto chess

The wait is over: prepare for the wait

Teamfight Tactics players have so far had to endure some intense wait times before they could get in a game. The League of Legends public test realm servers clearly were not prepared to handle the influx of new players. Will things be different after the official launch?

Frankly, we don’t know. While the primary League of Legends client is better suited to handle the load, this new and bigger release might test its limits. After all, the public test realm was only open to a small portion of the League community. When Teamfight Tactics launches tomorrow, it will bring in not only everyone with a League account, but also a great many players who have never touched the game before but enjoy the autobattler experience.

While you wait, you can check out our intro to Teamfight Tactics! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more news and updates!

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