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In Teamfight Tactics, items play a vital role in the road to victory. However, there are 35 different combined items, and knowing what you can make can be a daunting task. This guide aims to help you understand how to earn these items and learn what the 8 starter items combine to make. A good way to improve your chances of winning is to keep the Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet open when you play. That way, you can always glance over to quickly find out what items you can create for your champions.

How to get items in TFT

In Teamfight Tactics, you can obtain items in two ways. One is through the carousel, where you and your opponents get to pick from 10 random champions and items. You can access the carousel at the start of the game and once again at each further stage of the game.

The second way to obtain items is through fighting the neutral camps. Throughout a game of Teamfight Tactics, you face off against several neutral camps. These start with 3 rounds of regular minions when the game begins. The starting camps currently don’t guarantee any items, but this will change once patch 9.14 hits the live servers.

After the initial minions, you will face off against the neutral camps represented on Summoner’s Rift. Each of the camps in Teamfight Tactics can give you multiple items. The neutral camp with the most rewards to earn are the Angry chickens, which are capable of giving up to 5 starter items.

Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet

Teamfight Tactics item guide cheat sheet by Zekrow

As mentioned before, with 35 different combination items being available right now, things can get complicated. So, use the above cheat sheet, created by Reddit user Zekrow, to check up on it whenever you need to.

One way to improve your chances at winning is to think about which items you would like to create when the carousel is coming up soon. Sometimes, you’ll want to give up a stronger champion to instead complete the item that will carry you to victory!

For now, make sure to check out which changes Riot Games is currently considering on the PBE. And for more Teamfight Tactics news coverage and guides, be sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports!

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