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With Riot Games’s new game mode growing in popularity, more people want to know about each class in Teamfight Tactics. Today we are going to cover one of the better classes in the game mode, Sorcerers. We’ll talk about each Sorcerer, their strengths, weaknesses, and why/if you should use them.

Sorcerers are the spellcasters of Teamfight Tactics. They rely on their abilities for a large portion of their damage. Sorcerers need a lot of mana and ways to generate it. The Sorcerer class bonus is one of the strongest in the game, with all allies gaining ability damage bonus. This is a 35% bonus with three Sorcerers, and 100% with six sorcerers. The drawback is that none are particularly tanky, and they need a front line to survive.

The Sorcerers

Ahri | Teamfight Tactics Class Analysis: Sorcerers

Ahri – 2 gold

The Nine-Tailed Fox has a designated niche among the Sorcerer class as the early-game character. Ahri is early-focused because of her low ability scaling, low scaling HP, and lack of utility. Where other Sorcerers have a nuke for an ultimate or crowd control, Ahri lacks this. Does this make her bad? Absolutely not.

While Ahri struggles to scale, her early game is solid due to a decent attack speed, small mana pool, and Wild synergy. Most Wild champions peak early, and she can be a solid option to fill class requirements until more powerful Wild or Sorcerer champions are obtained. Items usually shouldn’t be put on Ahri as she is a character you sell later. However, if you find yourself with a strong Ahri, invest all in Ability damage.

The bottom line: Ahri is neither the best nor the worst Sorcerer and fills a needed niche. She is early-focused; treat her as such.

Aurelion Sol | Teamfight Tactics Class Analysis: Sorcerers

Aurelion Sol – 4 gold

The Star Forger finds himself as arguably the best Sorcerer in the game. Aurelion’s main strength is the sheer power of his ability. His Voice of Light is one of the strongest ultimates in TFT, a gigantic linear area-of-effect nuke. The ability does 250/450/650 damage at levels 1/2/3. In addition to a powerful ability, he packs the third highest HP of all Sorcerers, allowing him to last longer. Items like Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoos, and a mana item should be priority one on Sol, as it allows him to charge his ult faster.

Aurelion Sol packs Dragon as his subclass, giving him great synergy with Shyvana. The Half-Dragon also provides front line and crowd control, something Sol desperately needs to thrive. His other downside is low DPS outside of his ultimate, the fourth lowest in the game. His attack speed is middle of the pack, so nothing to write home about.

The bottom line: Aurelion Sol is one of the strongest characters in the game due to his powerful ultimate that can be charged quickly with the right build. It cuts enemies to shreds and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Karthus | Teamfight Tactics Class Analysis: Sorcerers

Karthus – 5 gold

Karthus has the distinction as the most expensive Sorcerer in the game. You will never see a 3-star Karthus because of how late in the game he spawns. He packs the highest health and DPS of all Sorcerer champions, packs a Phantom origin, and has Requiem. He is powerful late-game and can fill in a gimmick Phantom comp, but he isn’t without downsides.

The downside to Karthus is his reliance on his ultimate. You get him so late in the game his auto-damage is negligible. This means he needs two things from items: damage and a lot of mana. Double Seraph’s Embrace and Deathcap is the go-to build for him, allowing him to spam a strong ultimate. He also needs a front line, but if you don’t have one by the time Karthus is available, you’re dead meat anyway.

The bottom line: Situational as heck. Only get him if you have the comp or item support for him.


Kassadin – 1 gold

Take what I said about Ahri and paste it here with a small caveat. The difference between Kassadin and other Sorcerers is he has no mana. He instead drains mana on auto-attack, turning it into a shield. This makes him a solid disruption tactic for those who can’t get their hands on an Ahri, or have access to a Void comp.

The downside of Kassadin is he doesn’t really deal much damage. Add in that Void falls off extremely hard due to Rek’Sai and Kass is another situational pick up. He is the best tank among Sorcerers and should be built for longevity rather than damage, and he needs those to do his job. Phantom Dancer is the perfect item for him, giving him attack speed to drain and armor to sustain.

The bottom line: Kassadin doesn’t have high DPS and should be the secondary tank of a Sorcerer comp. Stop putting Spear of Shojin on him.


Lulu – 2 gold

The Fae Sorceress is usable in any comp. Lulu’s ultimate is a damaging AOE knockup that heals your allies. Yes, it is as powerful as it sounds. She also brings the Yordle trait that enables the Exodia that is Yordles. Where Kassadin can be the semi-tank of sorcerers, Lulu makes people into tanks.

The downsides to Lulu are lower health and her being short-range. She needs mana or defense to pop off and should be protected. Put her in the mid line to ensure maximum team coverage for Wild Growth. For items, mana and damage should be prioritized over attack speed.

The bottom line: Lulu is a heck of a champion who can dominate early and late, and she is arguably the highest-utility champion in the game.


Morgana – 3 gold

The Fallen Angel is the middle child among the Sorcerers in Teamfight Tactics. She is a pure support in the fact that her ultimate takes time to work but has hard crowd control. It doesn’t deal much damage late-game, but it can help out. Morgana brings the second highest health of any Sorcerer but could still use shields.

Morgana, as the support Sorcerer, does very little damage. She should never be stacked with damage items under any circumstance. Zeke’s, Locket, and Zephyr are all items that synergize well with her.

Bottom Line: She is a support. Stop putting Deathcap on her!


Veigar – 3 gold

The Tiny Master of Evil is one of the most explosive characters in the game. His ability is a nuke of damage, executing any character of a lower star level instantly. He demands to be upgraded, as a 3-star Veigar is among the most powerful characters in the game. The trick is getting him there.

Think of Veigar as a single-target Aurelion Sol. Mana hungry, frail, and completely reliant on his ultimate. Spear of Shojin, Seraph’s, and either Rageblade or Rapid Firecannon are recommended for him. Don’t force yourself into him, but take it as it comes. A 2-star Veigar in the late game can be one of the biggest burdens.

Bottom Line: If the opportunity presents itself, use him, but set him up for success. Otherwise, you will come up short.


There you have it! All of the Sorcerers in Teamfight Tactics laid out and explained. If you liked this, check out more Teamfight Tactics content at Daily Esports!

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