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The next Teamfight Tactics balance patch drops on August 7, and as usual, it will cause some meta shifts. Riot recently noted they will slow down the rate at which they tweak the game to allow players to come up with “natural counter comps.” Nevertheless, tomorrow’s patch is bound to shake things up a bit.

Champion and item changes

Assassins Pyke and Rengar had a good couple of weeks, with dominant strategies emerging around giving them certain items. Both champions will receive some slight nerfs tomorrow. Phantom champion Karthus and the Statikk Shiv item, which have also proven very popular lately, will also see adjustments.

Teamfight Tactics tentative patch 9.15b balance changes

Champions Elise, Twisted Fate, and Veigar will all see buffs. Twisted Fate has been strangely unpopular since launch, and Elise was recently nerfed through the changes to player damage. Upgrading either of those two seems like a healthy change. Veigar, on the other hand, has been a popular champion since launch. He works as a great addition to a number of meta compositions and dishes out outrageous ability damage. We can only guess what effect his buff will have on the volatile Teamfight Tactics meta.

Patch 9.15b arrives tomorrow. As usual, Riot notes that the previewed changes are tentative.

TFT matchmaking changes

Riot technical game designer Geoff Marsi announced another big change on the way for Teamfight Tactics. In a tweet yesterday, he stated Riot will redesign “in-game matchmaking” to make it fairer. This change is pretty big, and it will arrive in patch 9.16, which is scheduled for August 14.

Gnar tft teamfight tactics

With the current system, which enemy player you match against each round is completely random. This means that you can face the same team repeatedly, even if you have no chance to defeat them until carousel and mercenary rounds. This is the type of deterministic RNG that the Teamfight Tactics community has been vocal against. It seems Riot is paying attention. The adjustments aim to give players a better chance to recover and catch up.

The matchmaking changes will arrive on August 14, alongside the new Hextech champions. All other changes will go live with tomorrow’s patch 9.15b.

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