Teamfight Tactics Build Guide: Sorcerer Cho’Gath
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Teamfight Tactics Build Guide: Sorcerer Cho’Gath

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Many of the current meta-dominant Teamfight Tactics compositions revolve around dishing out tons of damage fast. Today we will showcase a build that can take damage instead, and win games that way! It all centers around one primary character: Cho’Gath.

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How this build works

The idea behind this build is to capitalize on Cho’Gath’s powerful Rupture spell and enable him to cast it repeatedly. Rupture is one of the biggest area-of-effect spell abilities in the game, and it deals respectable damage. This composition gives it extra punch through the Sorcerer spell damage buff.

However, Rupture’s true strength lies in the two-second stun it causes, which could easily hit the entire enemy team. It has the potential to completely disrupt your opponent’s strategy, whatever it may be.

So, how do you get Cho’Gath to Rupture as quickly and frequently as possible? Increasing his attack speed or giving him bonus mana seems the obvious method. Either of these would work, but your opponent could also negate them with crowd control or mana-drain effects. A more reliable way to generate mana comes from taking advantage of Cho’Gath’s massive health pool.

Brawler Sorcerer

The build revolves around getting four Brawlers out to maximize the health bonus. Achieving a full Brawler synergy is very easy and provides 700 Bonus Health. The difference is more than 100 percent over a partial synergy, which provides a mere 300 Bonus Health. It is one of Teamfight Tactics’ most under-appreciated synergies. This is the core build:

Warwick + Kassadin + Ahri + Rek’Sai + Cho’Gath

To round out the missing pieces, you will need one more Brawler champion and the Yuumi item. Yuumi is composed of a Spatula and a Needlessly Large Rod, and it makes its wearer a Sorcerer. Try to build it on a champion other than Cho’Gath. You should reserve all three of his item slots for defensive items.

Kassadin tft teamfight tactics

This gives you a complete Brawler Void build supported by partial Wild and Sorcerer synergies, with only six champions on the board. If the game goes long, you can expand the build to include Gunslingers, which combo with Void.

Alternatively, you can add Glacials, with Volibear as your fourth Brawler. More often than not, it pays off to just complete the Sorcerer or Wild synergy.

Tips on using Sorcerer Cho’Gath

Taking damage generates mana, and unlike dealing damage, it isn’t easily stopped by crowd control. Brawlers outshine armor- or evasion-based tank synergies for this purpose. And this combination of units provides an outrageous amount of durability and disruption. Knocking up the majority of your opponent’s team every few seconds would cancel out whatever tactic they are going for.

Cho'gath TFT teamfight tactics lol

Make sure to give Cho’Gath defensive items and to position him front and center. You want him to start taking damage immediately. He is practically guaranteed to cast Rupture at least a couple of times per battle. The spell is not channeled, even if it seems that way. Cho’Gath casts it, and it goes off a moment later. It will complete if he becomes crowd-controlled or even dies after the cast.

Let us know if you tried this build or if you have more tips for using it! And don’t forget to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Teamfight Tactics news and content!