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Teamfight Tactics has come out of the gates with amazing success, even becoming the most viewed game on Twitch mere hours after its release. Already, players have established many strategies and team compositions as a part of the meta. This guide will cover the Void Assassins build, its many variations, and how you can use it to hard stomp your next TFT match.

The buffs

This team comp is comprised of two main buffs: the Void buff and the Assassin buff. The Void buff is a 1 stage buff that allows all ally units to ignore 50% armor. The following units fall under the Void origin:

  • Kha’Zix
  • Kassadin
  • Rek’Sai
  • Cho’Gath

Moving on to the Assassin buff, it is a 2-stage buff that kicks in at 3 and 6 units. At stage 1, all Assassins deal 150% Critical Strike Damage. At stage 2, that number goes up to 350%. The following units fall under the Assassin class:

  • Kha’Zix
  • Pyke
  • Zed
  • Evelynn
  • Katarina
  • Rengar
  • Akali

When should you build Void Assassins?

Void Assassins are best built when you get a lot of early Kha’Zix and Kassadin rolls. Doing so makes it very easy to maintain your Void buff while building out your roster of Assassins. It also helps if you get a Rek’Sai on the first carousel.

However, do keep in mind that it is never advised to go into a match of TFT with the intent of building a certain comp. The game is all about adapting to the situation at hand, so never try and build a comp if you are getting better rolls for a different one.


Void Assassins is a rather versatile composition to run. There are already 3 variations on it that are meta.

Six assassins + Void Brawlers

Starting off with the standard comp, the goal here is to have either your Rengar or Akali carry with their insane damage. This is a very feast or famine strategy. If you don’t kill your enemy fast enough, your assassins won’t have the health to survive when they are targeted.

In the early game, use Zed as a replacement for Akali so you can reach six Assassins faster. Once you find your first Akali, you can then sell Zed off.

Void Ninja Assassins

This variation abandons the tier 2 Assassin buff and instead looks to build up a roster of Ninjas to go ham with their 60% extra attack damage at tier 2. You play the early game the exact same way as you do standard Void Assassins. However, you want to instead look to build out with Ninjas rather than straight up Assassins.

Once again, the goal of this comp is to have Akali carry through the late game with her ability spam. In the early game, meanwhile, you will carry with your Pyke and Kha’Zix. Look to build a Spear of Shojin on your Pyke ASAP for some stun spam goodness.

Glacial Void Assassins

This final variation leverages many different buffs to carry. This is a great comp to transition into if you get a lot of early Warwick and Kha’Zix rolls. The comp looks to have a strong CC heavy frontline that can stall while your Assassins dive the backline and wreak havoc.

How to beat Void Assassins

The best way to beat out Void Assassins is by doing one of two things. First, you can attempt to draw all the Assassins to a single tank in a corner while your team makes fast work of the enemy frontline. Otherwise, you can split up your frontline and put some of them behind your backline. This can help stop your backline from getting blown up immediately, which gives them time to deal the damage they need to.

If you are looking for more Teamfight Tactics guides and information, check out more of our coverage of the game.

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