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Following our earlier report of changes currently on the PBE, we got another announcement from Riot Mort giving us an early indication of the planned changes for Wednesday’s 9.16B patch. Riot Mort tweeted the below infographic earlier today with the proposed changes. Do note, these changes are subject to change and are likely not the only changes happening in patch 9.16B.

9.16B patch Teamfight Tactics Riot Mort

Nerfs to Nobles and hyper-carries

As we reported in our coverage of the planned PBE changes, the Nobles trait has received some changes already. The Noble trait has been hot-fixed back to the original strength of +60 armor and 60 magic resist on the Noble buff rather than +75Armor/+75MR. This hotfix comes only days after the buffs in Wednesday’s patch. Other highly problematic champions, specifically Draven and Jinx, will be tuned down in the 9.16B patch next Wednesday.

Ionic Spark bug fix

Ionic Spark has been bugged in almost every patch since the release of Teamfight Tactics. This patch was no exception, with the introduction of the Hextech Trait. This time around, Ionic Spark won’t reactivate once the Hextech debuff has worn off. Riot is set to fix this in the 9.16B patch, alongside more bug fixes they are currently working on. One bug that is a high priority fix for the developer team is certain units getting stuck and both sides of the field freezing, resulting in a draw scenario.

Buffs in the 9.16B patch

Anivia, Gnar, and Morgana are set to receive a buff in the 9.16B patch, thankfully. With the current hyper carries and Draven and Jinx being tuned down a bit in the next weekly patch, we might finally see the real power of the Shapeshifter trait. One thing that does worry me with the currently proposed changes, however, is the strength of the Demon trait, which is already a viable playstyle.

We will have to wait and see how these changes will affect the 9.16B patch meta. The full patch notes will be announced on Tuesday, Aug 20. The 9.16B patch will then hit live servers the day after, on Wednesday, Aug 21.

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