Team SoloMid drops both Rocket League and PUBG rosters
TSM Team SoloMid drops both Rocket League and PUBG rosters

Team SoloMid drops both Rocket League and PUBG rosters

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Team SoloMid (TSM) has announced that it will be dropping its PUBG and Rocket League rosters. Six team members were let go while keeping three on under the TSM name.

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TSM bows out of two esports

On the team’s blog, Team SoloMid commended both teams, saying, “Both squads have taken on great challenges and difficulties over the past years in stride, and we will be sad to see them go.” The players that will be leaving TSM are Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon and Jere “Jembty” Kauppinen for PUBG and Remco “remkoe” den Boer, Otto “Metsanauris” Kaipiainen, Joonas “Mognus” Salo, and Nicolai “Snaski” Vistesen Andersen for Rocket League.

Former team captain remkoe discussed the Rocket League team’s release, saying that the team had known about the decision before the announcement. “Performance was the main reason but I’m doubtful we would’ve been under the TSM banner going into 2021 unless we were top 2 [in the] world.”

Remkoe also stated that TSM is not expected to pick up Rocket League again in the future unless changes come to the league or the game. This statement seems to contradict Team SoloMid as they claimed that they will be reentering both Rocket League and PUBG later.

TSM social media and community manager Duncan Cox confirmed on Reddit that the team is already looking to get back into the games. Cox did not discuss who they are looking to bring on or when Team SoloMid will be re-entering either game.

Three PUBG players, Michael “mykLe” Wake, Rory “rawryy” Logue, and René “Braexco” Rehling, will remain on Team SoloMid as content creators and streamers. “Each and every one of these players has demonstrated their work ethic and determination to succeed.” 

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts and time with the organization.”

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