Team Poland reveals final dozen Overwatch World Cup members

Team Poland reveals final dozen Overwatch World Cup members

In a tweet earlier today, Team Poland announced their final twelve members for the Overwatch World Cup. This news comes after a week of other nations revealing their teams. Though this announcement solidifies the Polish team, their final roster is yet to be determined. Of these twelve players, six, plus one alternate, will compete in this year’s international tournament. Fans of the Polish team will recognize some of the names, as Matthe, Danye, Matwoj, and Setrox return from last year’s event. Based on their Twitter, the team is as excited for Overwatch‘s latest hero, Hammond, as we are. Fortunately, they have a few more months to test the hero and figure how he fits in their rotation. Poland’s first match-up will be in Paris on the weekend of September 21-22, playing against the Netherlands. Hopefully, the new team fares better than last year, in which they went 1-0-2 in their hometown qualifier.

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Move aside, futbol: This is the Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup differs from the standard Overwatch League competitions. Blizzard describes the Overwatch World Cup as “a global celebration of competition and community.” Qualifiers will be held in Incheon, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Paris, with a grand finale at BlizzCon 2018 in November. This is the third year that Blizzard is organizing this competition, and new details are slowly coming forth. However, it still remains uncertain whether this year’s tournament will follow the same format as last year’s. Last year, quarterfinals and semifinals were played best-of-five, with the finals being best-of-seven. Regardless, the Overwatch World Cup provides an opportunity for new players to take the stage. As many of these players may not necessarily compete in the standard Overwatch League, this event can help create new heroes in the community.

For more details about the Overwatch World Cup, visit the official website. In the meantime, tell us which teams you’re most excited for!