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Team Liquid’s Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom is looking forward to VALORANT Champions for many different reasons; one being the introduction of Fracture into the map pool, and the other to show off the many strats and plans his team has been working on behind the scenes.

During an interview with Showstopper hosts Yinsu Collins and Tyler Erzberger, Nivera discussed his feelings about the new mysterious Deadeye coming to VALORANT.

“Personally, I would main the guy. There [are] some rumors that he is going to play well with an operator. If that is the case, he is going to be my main for sure,” he said.

However, Nivera also mentioned that he wanted to branch out to other Sentinels, mainly Cypher.

“I feel like he just fits me well. Putting traps, having a lot of different setups…. I really like this kind of stuff.”

While no abilities have been released, Riot Games has stated that Cypher is an agent that rewards tactical play and gun play. Nivera also hinted that Team Liquid is excited to debut Fracture in a pro tournament.

“This map is really different. It is so fun to play. Analysts are having so much fun with it. This map was made for them.”

Team Liquid poses at for the camera during the Stage 2 VALORANT Champions Tour at Reykjavik, Iceland | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Team Liquid during the Stage 2 VALORANT Champions Tour at Reykjavik, Iceland. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff. Provided by Riot Games

Where does Team Liquid stand in the VALORANT Champions Tour?

After missing VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3: Masters Berlin — and getting pushed out of automatic qualification by Gambit Esports, Acend and Fnatic — Team Liquid slammed through the EMEA Last Chance Qualifer. They were undefeated in the bracket and only dropped two maps; one to G2 Esports in the upper finals and one to Guild Esports in the grand finals. Team Liquid landed with three players in the top 15 based on ACS for the tournament, with Nivera’s brother Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom landing a 272.5 ACS.

Nivera had a fantastic showing in his debut tournament, securing an ace in his first game and ending with at 2.03 KDA for the whole tournament. He landed in the Top 15 players in ACS.

With such a great showing at the EMEA LCQ, Team Liquid are not a team to sleep on.

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