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Team Liquid has parted ways with Rocket League players Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke and Emil “fruity” Moselund, the organization announced Monday. Their departure was already in the air, with only rumors pointing to their replacement.

Team Liquid entered Rocket League at the start of Rocket League Championship Series Season X, but underperformed throughout the season. After a change in the roster in November of 2020, the only one left standing days before the RLCS roster lock for the 2021-22 season is Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic. His new teammates have not been revealed yet.

Team Liquid Rocket League roster fails to impress, rumored to sign Flakes and AcroniK

Team Liquid finished RLCS X in 16th place. They started off with a Rocket League roster consisting of Speed, fruity and Francesco “kuxir97” Cinquemani. The latter was cut after Team Liquid’s poor performances and failure to qualify for the fall Major and was replaced by Ronaky.

Ronaky, a strong individual attacking force who previously played in successful teams such as Triple Trouble and FC Barcelona, is now the only one left and allowed to form a team around himself. His coach and former world champion Remco “Remkoe” den Boer will also assist in the process.

Rocket League veteran in Hrant “Flakes” Yakoub and the newcomer Bruno “AcroniK” dos Santos Lopes will likely join Ronaky, according to Shift. The former played with Ronaky on FC Barcelona in RLCS Season 9, where they finished in third/fourth place in Europe. Flakes then departed the roster to create a team around himself that better suited his playstyle, but was unable to rise back to the same heights. The rumor of his signing, therefore, was met with confusion.

AcroniK is a newcomer from Portugal, who impressed Rocket League fans with individual mechanical highlights during RLCS Season X. He is rumored to join from BS+ Competition and is considered a superstar on the rise, something Team Liquid is in dire need of after a disappointing season.

The official announcement is expected soon, as RLCS roster lock is on Friday, Oct. 8, while the season begins a week later, on Oct. 15.