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Team LDLC partners with Olympique Lyonnais

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Multimedia and computer hardware company LDLC Group has announced a partnership with the French football club Olympique Lyonnais. As part of the deal, subsidiary esports organization Team LDLC will be rebranded to the LDLC OL name and represent both parties.

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Team LDLC into LDLC OL

“Olympique Lyonnais and Groupe LDLC, two high-profile brands that have already formed a partnership around the LDLC ASVEL team(,) are now demonstrating a unique strategic commitment to French esports and will give the new team a major lift,” writes LDLC Group in a release.

Olympique Lyonnais will establish a new esports facility in Lyon, France during the first quarter of 2020. The facility will also contain the organization’s training center — created in a partnership with the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy. This is the first of many developments for LDLC OL, as it plans to make a commitment to the French esports ecosystem. 

Through this, LDLC hopes to attract domestic and international talent, along with future collaborations with associations, companies, and local authorities. A new 16,000-seat arena opening near Groupama Stadium will also be used to host major international esports competitions.

Leveraging Olympique Lyonnais 

“Entrepreneurship is like playing a video game. In both cases, you need tactics, anticipation, decision-making moxie, pleasure and passion. Like any player, I’m always looking to improve,” said Laurent de la Clergerie, President of the LDLC Group.

The OL Groupe will help through the contribution of its business experience to develop partnerships and enhance team performance. It will also leverage its network to broadcast esports news to a wider audience through club media. 

Team LDLC is a well-known esports organization and is considered the oldest in the French scene that is still active. It currently participates in titles like League of Legends, FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, and Fortnite. Two esports players in Aero and CocoVBastos will play in the 2020 FIFA eClub World Cup, along with a Chinese roster currently competing in the FIFA Online 3 – 4 circuit.

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