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With the North American VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier creeping up on the scene, everyone’s minds are focused on who will be the third team representing North America at Champions. On this week’s episode of Showstopper, Yinsu Collins and Tyler Erzberger interviewed Team Envy’s Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, who had his own guess.

In response to Erzberger asking who would be winning LCQ, yay responded definitively with Cloud9 Blue. He also thinks C9 is the dark horse of the tourney, as they haven’t had a chance to prove themselves with their new addition Anthony “vanity” Malaspina, who transferred from Version1.

“They all have really talented players,” he said. “I think them adding Vanity, an actual IGL — someone who wants to do that role and has experience — I think that will make a big difference.”

Yay notes that Vanity innovates, being the creative force when he was in Version 1. “They got the leadership, they got the talent; just give them some time and they will do great things,” yay said.

While Cloud9 have done somewhat well in regional tournaments, they have fallen short in many VALORANT Champions Tour Challenger tournaments. Thus, they have never seen a VCT LAN event, landing them eighth in the region (tied with Gen.G and Rise). With Version 1 and Team Envy out of the picture, Cloud9 have a better shot at that coveted NA LCQ spot. But, with powerhouses like 100 Thieves in the mix, as well as teams they’d previously lost to — like Luminosity Gaming and Rise — it is no cake walk. Cloud9 Blue have an uphill battle but many are rooting for them to come out on top.

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