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Season 2 of Fortnite has seen a ton of innovative and creative introductions. Epic Games went above and beyond what it’s done in previous seasons. Creating an entirely new menu UI, imaginative Battle Pass, and also Fortnite‘s first fully-customizable skin. Named Maya, players can unlock this skin by purchasing the premium version of the Battle Pass. Once you do that, you’ll gain access to millions and millions of outfit combinations for Maya. Let’s go over these different combinations and also some facts about the Maya skin.

How many combinations does Maya have in Fortnite?

As previously stated, nearly every aspect of Maya’s outfit in Fortnite Season 2 can be customized. From her tattoos to the facepaint to the clothes, there’s very little that you can’t alter about her appearance.

Within Fortnite‘s menu, where you access Maya, Epic Games states that there are 3.8 million different combinations for the skin. However, one Fortnite data-miner claims that is not correct. @Lucas7yoshi has the scoop for us.

This is, obviously, a creative feat we rarely see in multiplayer video games. Having that much customization is a creative player’s dream and something fans can keep themselves occupied with for hours on end. At least, that’s what we thought when Maya was first released.

After looking at the skin in the game’s menu, players quickly found out Maya is not all she’s cracked up to be. Epic Games has decided to lock you in with one single skin combination for Maya. This means that once you set the outfit choices you want, you can no longer go back in and change that combination.

Of course, this is extremely disappointing to fans who assumed you could change Maya’s look whenever you wanted. We’re not of the reasoning behind Epic’s decision on this, but hopefully, this can be altered in the future.

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