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For Pokémon GO battles, choosing the most optimal moveset for each Pokemon on your team is key to achieving victory. The best moves for each Pokemon are based on the move’s strength, energy cost and overall utility to a Pokemon to help facilitate its role in battle.

Synchronoise is a rare move in Pokémon GO, only accessible to three Pokémon in the entire game: Gallade, Gardevoir and Golduck. Synchronoise competes for a slot with the move Psychic, a classic option for Psychic-type Pokémon throughout the series. There has been a lot of discussion over which move is superior, and here we will settle the debate over which move is better: Synchronoise or Psychic?

Synchronoise or Psychic: Which is better in Pokemon GO?

Let’s start with Synchronoise. Synchronoise has 80 base power at an affordable 50 energy cost. This gives the move a fast cooldown, making it a spammable Charged Move by powerful Psychic-type attackers like Gardevoir.

Psychic comes with 100 base power at a slightly more expensive 55 energy cost. Evidently, Psychic trades speed for power, as it is the stronger of the two moves, but takes much longer to charge.

Both moves have their respective utility, but Synchronoise edges Psychic out on Pokémon where these two moves compete. The speed of Synchronoise outweighs the power of Psychic, as the three Pokémon that use Synchronoise benefit from having quicker Charged Moves to throw in battle. Psychic remains a good option on other Psychic-type Pokémon, Medicham being one of the prime example, as the raw power makes it a great choice for consistent Psychic-type damage.

synchronoise vs psychic Pokemon GO
Gardevoir using its Community Day-exclusive move: Synchronoise in battle. | From Niantic and Pokemon GO

What Pokémon is the Best User of Synchronoise?

There are three Pokémon that learn Synchronoise in Pokémon GO and its utility comes up a bit short upon closer inspection. Golduck has little to no use for the move as it does not benefit from the same-type attack boost and has far better attacking options on its moveset.

Gallade sits in the middle of Synchronoise viability, as it has its uses, but isn’t a total game changer. Synchronoise gives Gallade a viable role as a Psychic-type attacker in PvE Raid Battles, but this move doesn’t get to shine as brightly in PvP. Gallade benefits far more from moves like Close Combat and Leaf Blade with offer better offensive potential and overall utility.

Lastly, Gardevoir is by far the best user of Synchronoise in Pokemon GO. Synchronoise is Gardevoir’s best Psychic-type Charged Move, and is a staple of its moveset in both PvE and PvP gameplay. Although Gardevoir normally fills the role of a Fast Move spammer with Charm, Synchronoise is a great Charged Move coupled alongside coverage like Shadow Ball and Dazzling Gleam.