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Recently announced via Twitter, Riot Games are keeping around the VALORANT game mode Swiftplay despite its original limited-time beta release. Starting from patch 6.03, Swiftplay will be a standard game mode in VALORANT, alongside ones like Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Unrated.

The Swiftplay beta is ending, but it lives on

From the reveal video on Twitter, VALORANT product manager Coleman Palm spoke about ending the Swiftplay beta, but in a positive way. Now, with the mode becoming permanent in VALORANT soon, it looks like another new temporary mode will fill in that slot.

A quick recap: Swiftplay is a shorter version of Unrated, with faster income but mostly the same rules. Plus, instead of the first-to-13 length, it’s only first-to-5. With both halves still in Swiftplay, it’s a great match between the seriousness of an unrated game and the chill vibes of a Spike Rush game.

This mode has spiked in popularity since its introduction, as a great way to practice for unrated or ranked games or to play quick matches with friends. Thanks to that popularity, the development team is keeping it in.

Swiftplay might get future changes in VALORANT

However, even with the mode staying, it might not stay the same as the episodes go on. Palm says in the video that “removing the beta tag from the mode doesn’t mean that it won’t see any changes.” The team will continue to look at the mode and improve it when possible, on internal and player feedback.

Some potential changes could include making it a little longer, somewhere around seven rounds. That could make it essentially half the length of a regular unrated or competitive match. But, it would also make the games longer. Plus, another change could be changing the increased income, making it slower or faster. Either way, the team will have lots of players’ feedback to go off of, with Swiftplay staying in VALORANT.

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