Sweet Anita fears for her life because of an obsessed stalker
Sweet Anita Twitch Stalker

Sweet Anita fears for her life because of an obsessed stalker

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Twitch content creator “Sweet Anita” made a call to action from Twitch to help in her fight against a violent stalker. The 29-year-old streamer is a popular variety gamer and known for her Tourette’s Syndrome. She’s educated her broad audience and worked towards removing stigma about Tourette’s by making light of her tics and sharing information.

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Sweet Anita’s transparency in this regard has garnered both negative and positive opinions from the Twitch community. Either way, her community includes over 926k followers on Twitch and nearly 200 thousand Twitter followers. While her massive platform allows her to educate others more efficiently, it has put her in grave risk.

“I wonder if he’ll kill me before anyone takes this seriously.”

For the past few months, Sweet Anita has openly spoken about a dangerous stalker. According to the streamer, an obsessed person doxxed her and began waiting outside her home.  She tweeted that after leaving her home, he followed her to a store. What’s more, he chased her and was apprehended by two men. In April 2020, Sweet Anita reported that her stalker was temporarily arrested and banned from her town. However, he did not honor the ban and returned shortly after.

After speaking to the police, Sweet Anita says they’re unable to help her. She explained, “I have to wait for him to harm me again before they will take action.” At this time, the Twitch super-star fears for her life. As the threats continue, she’s become increasingly more desperate for Twitch’s help. On July 21, she tweeted, “I’m trying to message Twitch about my stalker,” but “they’ve stopped replying.” Immediately, an outpouring of support from fellow content creators and fans insist that Twitch officials come to her aid. Furthermore, others have shared they feel she needs to seek legal action.

Fortunately, two hours later, Sweet Anita replied to her thread with an update. She shared that Twitch has responded to her messages, and she’s looking forward to seeing if something can be done. Her fans and community hope that she can find peace from her stalker with the help of Twitch and the police.

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