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As the Supercars Eseries heads into the final few rounds, let’s take a look at the standings and who can realistically win the competition. Last week, the first ever Supercars Eseries Endurance race was held. The Enduro saw drivers come together to compete in pairs, as the Enduro race is a team event rather than an individual race. Each individual driver still claims points, but this event can drastically change leaderboard standings.

Round 5 – Bathurst Enduro

Round 5 of the Supercars Eseries was always set to throw a spanner in the works, with the team races. Pro Eseries drivers and All Star drivers became co-drivers for round five. This meant that the drivers at the very top had their points riding on someone else’s performance. The undefeated Pro Eseries ladder leader, Dayne Warren, was relying on the driving skills of Chaz Mostert to help him stay unbeaten. Mostert has a lot of experience in endurance races, having competed in multiple physical world Bathurst endurances, claiming victory in 2014. On the All Stars side, ladder leader Brodie Kostecki relied on the driving skills of championship contender Jarrad Filsell.

Lined up and ready to race (Image: Supplied)

The Bathurst Enduro race is a grueling one. In the physical world, the race is 1000km in total. Drivers are lucky to finish the race, let alone earn points. In the physical world, drivers can switch for as many laps as they like. The rule being that each competitor must drive for at least 54 laps, and the lead driver can’t drive for more than 107 laps. There is also a minimum pit stop requirement of seven stops. For the Eseries version, each driver got a turn behind the wheel. Instead of 161 laps, there were 20 laps, with each driver completing 10 laps and having one mandatory pit-stop. Which driver took the wheel first was up to them, meaning the start of the race featured both Pros and All Stars.

Kostecki and Filsell were just too good and claimed the Bathurst victory. Kostecki drove first, leaving Filsell to finish the race. Filsell came home only 0.152 seconds in front of the Pro leader Warren and his teammate, Mostert. In third place were Nick Percat (All Star) and Jake Burton (Pro), only 0.258 seconds behind Warren and Mostert. This is a shake up for the Pro series as Warren loses out on five straight wins.

Kostecki and Filsell’s car being chased down by the Mostert/Warren duo (Image: Supplied)

The Supercars Eseries final round, who is able to take the win?

In the Pro Series, Dyane Warren looks in a very comfortable position to take the win. He leads Jackson Souslin Harlow by 102 points with just one round left. Burton and Filsell picked up some nice points in the Bathurst round, putting them on 489 and 456 points respectively. Ethan Warren in fifth place, is on 402 points. Given a win is 150 points, only the top four places are still in contention for the championship.

The real contenders, given everyone’s current points total, are Dayne Warren, Jackson Souslin-Harlow and Jake Burton. If Souslin-Harlow took the final round win, and Warren places last or second last, Souslin-Harlow would be the season victor. If Burton were to take the win, and Warren came last, Burton would be crowned the season champion. At this stage, Warren needs to finish 21st or higher. Given his winning streak, and performance in the Enduro, Warren is unlikely to walk away without the crown.

As for the All Stars Eseries, things are a little tighter:

  • Kostecki in first on 528 points
  • Cameron Waters in second on 462
  • Richie Stanaway in third on 429
  • James Golding in fourth on 420
  • Matthew Payne in fifth on 390
  • Justin Ruggier in sixth on 387

All six drivers have a chance to win here. With a win being 150 points, and everyone taking points right down to last place, this season’s crown could realistically go to any of the top five drivers.

Find out tonight

You won’t have to wait long to find out who wins the Supercars Eseries final. Both the Pro and All Stars Eseries’ will run tonight, Sept. 29, on Fox Sports 506, Kayo7PlusSky NZ and Supercars’ official channels, including Twitch.