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Super Smash Con 2022 viewers frustrated by mid-match ads

Smash players are missing crucial plays due to ads on Twitch.

It’s the final day of Smash action at Super Smash Con 2022, with the Top 8 for Melee and Ultimate both coming up later today. But the FGC is hoping some issues with the stream clear up before it gets to the hypest matches of the long weekend.

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During some matches earlier today, Smash fans noticed that the official broadcast was full of ads — and some ads are happening right in the middle of the action itself. One Smash player tweeted that they were getting a “massive amount” of ads in the middle of an intense Top 32 set.

Other Smash players responded that they had similar experiences, including throughout the day Saturday, August 13. One Smash fan even had to subscribe to VGBootcamp on Twitch to avoid the oppressive amount of ads. Another said it made it feel like the content was “irrelevant.”

A freelance esports caster responded that there should be some type of break during Smash streams to accommodate ads. VGBootcamp deserves to make some money from ads to support their tournaments and streams. However, having the ads in the middle of a set is definitely frustrating, even intolerable for many fans at home. Having a small break between sets will allow for ads that aren’t as disruptive so players don’t miss the action or commentary.

In a fast-paced game like Smash, where things can change in a matter of moments, seven ads are enough for viewers at home to miss a lot of key interactions, ruining the momentum and experience.

VGBootcamp has yet to respond to the ongoing issue with their Super Smash Con 2022 streams. It’s apparently been a problem at previous tournaments as well.

For now, Smash viewers at home will have to cross their fingers that more ads don’t disrupt sets as the action becomes more intense. Earlier today, underdog Onin beat the best player in the world, Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez, 3-0. The tension is mounting as the Top 8 of both Melee and Ultimate approach in just a few hours.

Check out the full Super Smash Con 2022 schedule here. There have been slight delays in the broadcast throughout the weekend, but this should be the overall order of events. Check out the ongoing stream at