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As we near the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, even more information is being revealed via the new Comic-Con demo. We got a glimpse of new characters and stages. This is the fifth game in the popular fighting game and seems to be Nintendo’s biggest to date compared to the original 12 characters we got way back on the N64.

We are getting 60 fighters representing 30 different franchises! That is a heck of a lot to pack into one game and fans are loving it. At the most recent San Diego Comic-Con, Nerdist had an exclusive sit-down and played the demo alongside Bill Trinen, Director of Product Marketing at Nintendo.

“It’s really designed so that anybody at a party can pick it up, start playing, and have fun,” Trinen said, “and yet there’s also layers and layers of depth of what you can do.”

New sights and sounds from the SDCC demo

During their time with the demo, Nerdist looked at two exciting new additions to Smash from the Splatoon series: an Inkling character and the Moray Towers stage. They also got a chance to play as Ridley, who packs quite a punch. Also returning to Smash is the Metroid Frigate Orpheon stage.

Staples such as Link from The Legend of Zelda Series have updated designs to reflect their most recent games. He now dons his outfit from Breath of the Wild.

“With Link he’s got his bow and arrow, he has his remote bombs,” Trinen said. Zelda has been similarly redesigned, but here she’s based more off the 1991 game A Link to the Past. “Her moves are pretty similar to what they’ve been in previous games, but they’ve been tweaked a bit so she’s a pretty strong character now.”

Zelda in Smash

Don’t forget that the Ice Climbers are also returning to the series, as are Snake and Pichu. (Although we won’t see Pichu in action until the full game releases.) It is exciting to see more sneak peeks revealed as we inch closer to that release date!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lands on the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

Snake in Smash Pichu in Smash