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The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct settled a lot of questions, one of which was the DLC of the game. In the Direct, the Fighters Pass was revealed, which will be a collection characters and stages set to release after the launch of the game on December 7, 2018. The first of the characters revealed with the Pass was Piranha Plant and players can get the character for free if they pre-order Smash Bros Ultimate.

The Nintendo Direct was on November 1, 2018. Hosted on Nintendo’s Twitch Channel, 40 minutes of new information was announced for the upcoming Smash Bros game, including reveals of Ken and Incineroar as the last confirmed characters of the regular roster. It was near the end of the Nintendo Direct that the details of the Fighters Pass were announced. The pass will include five fighters and stages for $24.99 or the each fighter and stage set can be purchased individually for $5.99 a piece. You can check out further details in the clip below.

That wasn’t all that was released with the Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass. Players got a sneak peek at the first fighter to be confirmed for the DLC Pass, which was Piranha Plant. Piranha Plant is a stretchy fighter that can use its pot to hide from foes before returning serious counters alongside its viney arsenal.

Apparently, for a limited time, players who pre-order Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be able to get Piranha Plant for free without having to purchase the Fighters Pass DLC. That said, Piranha Plant will be the first fighter to appear in the Pass among the other five. You can check out Piranha Plant’s full reveal below.

It may not be what everyone was expecting, but offered as a sneak peek at the Fighters Pass for pre-ordering players isn’t bad. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have a 74 character roster at launch and the Fighters Pass is just meant to be icing on top of the cake. With four more characters to reveal, is there a character you’re waiting to see in the overall pass?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on December 7, 2018. If you want to get Piranha Plant without having to buy the Fighters Pass DLC, be sure to pre-order beforehand.