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In Fortnite patch v9.20, Epic Games added a new item called Storm Flip. Fortnite never before saw an item like this. The item is Epic rarity and found in chests, floor loot, and vending machines. Storm Flip is thrown like a grenade or bomb with a maximum stack size of one. When thrown, it expands from the point of contact to create a zone. The zone acts in two different ways. If in the storm, the zone provides protection against storm damage. If in the safe zone, the zone replicates storm damage. The damage is equivalent to current storm damage. Storm Flip is extremely versatile as it can be used offensively and defensively.

Storm Flip disabled in Week 9 competitive play

The release of Storm Flip drew immediate criticism from the professional community. The created zone expands large enough to disrupt many players late in the game. Usually, in competitive games, 40 or more players remain in the fifth stage of the storm. Therefore, the Storm Flip causes 10 HP damage per second to every player within its zone. Not only does the item deal significant damage, but it becomes difficult to navigate to safe areas. This video by Takeoffs shows just how effective, yet confusing the item is in moving zones.

Due to the outcry from the competitive community, Epic Games announced the Storm Flip has been disabled for Week 9 of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens. The item is disabled in Arena mode too. Other game modes still include the item. Until it receives a nerf, the Storm Flip does not belong in competitive games. It is beyond overpowered in small, crowded endgames. In public matches, the zones rarely close beyond the fifth storm and the number of players remaining is significantly less.

The competitive community welcomes the change. For Epic Games, this change displays their willingness to listen to competitors. On the other hand, the players remained concerned about the items future. Thus far, Storm Flip is only disabled in Week 9. It could be returned in the final week of the Online Opens.

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