Starfield: How to rename your weapons
Starfield: How to rename your weapons
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Starfield: How to rename your weapons

Make your weapons your own

Over the course of your journey in Starfield, you will come across hundreds of weapons. Most of the time, these weapons will have a long, drawn-out name that explains what the weapon is and all of the mods that are attached to it. These names look extremely cluttered and you sometimes can’t even see what the weapon is due to how long its name is.

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Luckily, there is a simple way to completely rename all of your weapons in Starfield.

If you’re anything like me, then seeing “Modified Assassin’s Hard Target” just doesn’t look right in your inventory. While you can ultimately see what the weapon is, reading through extra words gets tiresome when you’re just trying to equip the weapon you want from your inventory. You will need to know about the renaming process as soon as possible.

Rename your weapons in Starfield

My system with renaming weapons has been to get rid of all of the extra words that precede the weapon’s name. This looks much cleaner when scrolling in my inventory and also alphabetizes the weapons, making them much easier to find and equip.

To rename a weapon in Starfield, all you need to do is go to a weapons workbench. This is found in the basement of The Lodge but you can also craft one of your own at an Outpost or apartment. At a weapons workbench, hover over the weapon you want to change the name of. In the bottom right of the screen, you will see an option to rename the weapon.

rename your weapons in Starfield
The rename option is at the bottom of the screen. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Press the button associated with that option and a text box will appear on the screen (for me on PC, the button is “B”). Highlight the entire weapon name and then press the delete button. From here, you will have a blank text box to write whatever weapon name you want. Once you’re done, press “Confirm” and then your weapon will be renamed to whatever you typed.

It’s that simple in Starfield, and you can do this with any weapon in the game.

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