Starfield: How to reach Zelazny I for Operation Starseed
Starfield: How to reach Zelazny I for Operation Starseed
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Starfield: How to reach Zelazny I for Operation Starseed

A difficult planet to reach

During the Operation Starseed side quest in Starfield, you will have to reach a planet called Zelazny I. Located in the Zelazny system, you might not be able to reach this planet at first. For me, when I tried to Grav Jump to the system, my galaxy map said that Zelazny was inaccessible and that I needed to find a different route to reach it.

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If you are seeing a similar message when trying to reach Zelazny, don’t worry, as there is a way to fix it. However, it will require some time, effort, and perhaps a few credits on your part. Check out how to successfully reach Zelazny I in Starfield in the guide below.

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Reaching the Zelazny I planet in Starfield

In all likelihood, the reason you can’t fast travel to Zelazny I is because your Grav Drive is not sufficient enough. However, it might also be because you don’t have enough Fuel capacity to make the jump. You need over 300 Fuel to make the jump from the closest system to Zelazny, so make sure you have at least that on your ship.

reach Zelazny I in Starfield
Zelazny I on the galaxy map. | Screenshot via Upcomer

As for the Grav Drive issue, Zelazny is 27 Light Years away from the closest system to it. This means your ship’s Grav Drive needs to have at least a 27LY range. If your ship doesn’t have a Grav Drive that powerful, then you can upgrade the Astrodynamics skill in the Science skill tree. The first rank of this skill increases your Grav Drive’s range by 15%.

For me, I had a ship with a 25LY Grav Drive, so using a skill point on the first rank of Astrodynamics was enough to push me over the edge and successfully reach Zelazny. However, your ship might not have a 25LY Grav Drive, so you could be forced to upgrade the Astrodynamics skill more than once.

reach Zelazny I in Starfield
The Astrodynamics skill. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Of course, you can always buy a ship with a better Grav Drive or install a better Grav Drive on your ship by using the ship builder in Starfield. Upgrading your existing Grav Drive will be cheaper, but buying a new ship will likely give you a better chance at acquiring a strong enough Grav Drive to make it to Zelazny I.

So, to sum up, here are your options to reach Zelazny I:

  • Make sure you have enough Fuel in your ship. If not, upgrade your Fuel capacity or buy a ship with a bigger capacity.
  • Upgrade your Astrodynamics skill to increase your Grav Drive range.
  • Buy a new ship with a better Grav Drive.
  • Upgrade your existing Grav Drive.

None of the options are quick and easy. It took me a couple of hours to level up and unlock the Astrodynamics skill I needed to increase my Grav Drive range. However, those are the only options when it comes to reaching Zelazny I in Starfield.

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