Starfield: How to get to Red Mile
Starfield: How to get to Red Mile
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Starfield: How to get to Red Mile

Another major city in the Settled Systems

There are more settled cities than you may realize in Starfield. While the major towns of New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila City are more prevalent throughout the game, several other cities exist that offer a ton to do. The problem with these cities is that you might not always know how to find them. This is the case with Red Mile in Starfield, as it’s nestled away on a random planet in the galaxy.

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Red Mile is basically a casino in the middle of a frozen wasteland. There’s not a ton to do in the city, but there are some distractions and other quests that can keep you busy for a few hours during your adventure in Starfield. If you want to learn how to get to the planet where Red Mile is located, check out the guide below.

Getting to Red Mile in Starfield

Red Mile is situated on a planet in the Porrima system. You can find the Porrima system along the middle part of your galaxy map, to the right of Alpha Centauri. In the Porrima system, Red Mile is situated on the planet of Porrimma III, which is to the north of the system’s sun.

Starfield: How to get to Red Mile
The Porrima system. | Screenshot via Upcomer
Starfield: How to get to Red Mile
Red Mile on Porrima III. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re on Porrimma III, you will land outside of a building with the words “Red Mile” on it. Head to the front door of this building, go through the airlock, and you will arrive inside the casino. After you find your way inside, you can speak to the ship services technician who is in an office right behind the desk that you see when you first walk in.

You can also speak to the casino’s owner, Mei, who will tell you all about running the Red Mile race, which is the town’s biggest claim to fame. If you decide to run the Red Mile, I have a guide on how to easily win it in Starfield.

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