Starfield: How to find The Eleos Retreat
Starfield: How to find The Eleos Retreat
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Starfield: How to find The Eleos Retreat

A hidden location in the Settled Systems

The Settled Systems in Starfield are home to a number of hidden locations that you will only reach by traveling to seemingly random systems and planets. What looks like an abandoned settlement or facility will actually be home to interesting characters and perhaps the backstory to a quest. The Eleos Retreat is one such location in Starfield, and you will need to jump around a couple of systems to find it.

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The main reasons why you might be wondering how to find The Eleos Retreat is because of its available spaceships to buy or to start the Dead Stop side quest. Either way, The Eleos Retreat is hidden away in a random system, and in the guide below, I will tell you exactly how to find it.

Finding The Eleos Retreat in Starfield

For starters, The Eleos Retreat is a haven for criminals and those with bounties on their heads. The retreat sponsors jobs and a place to live for these members of the galaxy so they don’t have to live out their days without a home.

find The Eleos Retreat in Starfield
The Ixyll system on the map. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You can locate The Eleos Retreat by going to the Ixyll system, which is to the northeast of Alpha Centauri on your galaxy map. It’s located fairly high on the map and might require you to make a few jumps to other systems before you’re able to set a course for it.

find The Eleos Retreat in Starfield
The Ixyll II planet. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in the Ixyll system, you can find the retreat on the planet Ixyll II, which is to the right of the system’s sun. On Ixyll II, you can land at The Eleos Retreat and you will be immediately thrust into the Dead Stop side quest in Starfield.

I recommend completing the Dead Stop quest and the subsequent ones that follow, as it rewards you with some decent credits and loot. Aside from that, you can visit the ship services technician to see some truly unique ships available to buy.

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