Starfield: Can you craft Med Packs?
Starfield: Can you craft Med Packs?
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Starfield: Can you craft Med Packs?

The most useful healing item you can have

Med Packs are arguably the most useful healing item in all of Starfield. They heal you for a decent amount over time and are readily available through a number of vendors and looting enemies and containers. However, many players have wondered if they are able to source their own Med Packs and craft the item themselves in Starfield.

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You can craft a number of different healing items through the pharmaceutical lab workbench in Starfield. Items such as Heal Paste and Antibiotics can be crafted right from the start of the game at this workbench, but you won’t see Med Packs on the list of craftable items. So, is this something that changes throughout the course of Starfield or can you really not craft Med Packs at any point? Find the answer in the guide below.

Can you craft Med Packs in Starfield?

Can you craft Med Packs in Starfield
Med Packs are the galaxy’s premier healing item. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not the one players were hoping for. As far as I and the rest of the community can tell, there is no way to craft Med Packs in Starfield. I’m not sure why Bethesda made this design choice, but even if you fully upgrade your character, you will never gain the ability to craft a Med Pack at a pharmaceutical lab.

In order to get more Med Packs, you either have to purchase them from vendors across the Settled Systems or loot them yourself. I found that you can find a decent amount of Med Packs by searching dead enemies and other containers, especially the medical containers on walls and desks.

As for purchasing them, I recommend visiting Doctors in Starfield, as they will always have a few Med Packs for sale. You can usually buy Med Packs for roughly 500 credits. A few Doctors are located in The Well in New Atlantis, Akila City, the MAST District of New Atlantis, and at The Clinic (located in the Narion system), but there are more spread out across the Settled Systems.

I recommend making rounds to all of the Doctors and other vendors you can find every so often so you never run out of Med Packs in Starfield. Speaking from experience, it’s never a fun time when you have to resort to less-impactful healing items during the heat of battle.

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