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StarCraft II GSL Super Tournament 2 bracket announced

We’re just short of a week away from last WCS Korea events before the StarCraft II Grand Finals at Blizzcon this November. This tournament is the most important of the year for some of the players in this bracket. It’s make-or-break time for players like soO, who are just below the cutoff to qualify for Blizzcon. Depending on how the other players finish, a top-four finish for soO and several others could push them over the line and secure their ticket to Blizzcon. A first place finish would be enough to propel players like Leenock into the top 10 in WCS point ranking, which could possibly be enough to get them to the Grand Finals as well.

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A lot of the players in this bracket, like Maru and TY, have already secured their spot at Blizzcon. Even though they might not need the WCS points reward, there is still over $26,000 on the line. Everyone likes money, so don’t expect these players to rest on their laurels.

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Players to watch

Maru: After a year-long domination of GSL, Maru is always a favorite to win any tournament he enters.

TY: Hot off the heels of a 2nd place finish in GSL Season 3, TY is absolutely a favorite for this one.

Solar/soO/sOs/Impact/Trap: All these players are just shy of qualifying for Blizzcon. They will be fighting tooth and nail for those precious WCS points. This is arguably the most important tournament of the year for these players. If they don’t get past the Round of 16, their StarCraft II season is over.

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