Spider-Man is at the the center of the Fortnite Championship Series
Fortnite Spider-man
Provided by Epic Games

Spider-Man is at the the center of the Fortnite Championship Series

Does whatever a Fortnite player can

The final circles in most Fortnite Championship Series matches are full of two things this season: boxes and spiderwebs. While the endgame is still about caution — remaining boxed up and taking shots where you can get them — this season’s Spider-Man Mythic item has given players a new way to fly around with the power of Tobey Maguire.

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“Players have figured out that we have to play for this. We have to play for these gauntlets,” FNCS analyst Panda said. “That’s actually made them less of an issue.”

The Spider-Man Mythic lets players swing around the map as if they were in Insomniac’s Spider-Man, flying from tree top to tree top. Players are limited to ten swings in competitive arenas, which is a huge drop off from the 80 allowed in public matches. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough for pivotal rotations that can change the direction of a match.

Spider-Man Fortnite
Epic Games put in multiple swing animations midway through Chapter 3 Season 1. | Provided by Epic Games

Spider-Man swings through the Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite Chapter 3 has been filled with outlandish items and mechanics, including a giant dinosaur named Klombo and new weather mechanics that randomly produce tornados (and a sharknado every once in a while). These items have been left out of competitive arenas for the most part. The Spider-Man Mythic, and the major impact it has on how the battle royale is played, has remained.

“When you compare it to the mythic drum gun, it has its uses but it’s not anywhere near as effective,” Panda said. “It effects the player base a little more because it’s so widespread.”

The first round of qualifiers is already underway and we’ve seen players make precise movements with the Spider-Man Mythic. The item is located in at least six spots around the map, with multiple Mythic items at each location. It’s the best way to get from one side of a crowded circle to the other with nothing more than two clicks.

Armored walls are another new item that have made new strategies possible, like boxing enemies within the storm. | Provided by Epic Games

Fortnite has had Marvel as a partner for years. Epic Games has implemented mechanics that mimic Iron Man’s energy pulse, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer and other abilities from popular super heroes. Few have found their way into competitive arenas, however.

New mechanics like this (and the last-minute change that reduced swings from 20 to 10) have become common for seasoned Fortnite players. They have learned to roll with the changes that Epic throws at them, although they’ve repeatedly asked the studio to nerf the Stinger SMG and MK7 assault rifle. The gun, which the majority of players believe is overpowered, has made the competitive meta less focused on shotguns.

The FNCS is underway and the requested changes have never come through, leaving players to work with powerful automatic weapons and Spider-Man Mythic in their current state.

You can catch the Spider-Man Mythic in action during the FNCS this month and next. Qualifiers run from Feb. 17-18 and from Feb. 19-20. Semifinals run from Feb. 24-27. Finals run from March 5-6.

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