Special Olympics NY partners with Mission Control for Rocket League competitions
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Special Olympics NY partners with Mission Control for Rocket League competitions

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Recreational league gaming platform Mission Control is bringing esports to Special Olympics of New York and Oregon. The partnership will provide video game competitions to Special Olympics athletes during COVID-19 restrictions. Beginning this week, Mission Control will offer Special Olympics NY space for online 1v1 or 2v2 Rocket League tournaments. The 2v2 teams will each represent Special Olympics Unified Sports, promoting social inclusion and friendship.

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Mission Control’s goal is to provide communities a chance to conduct their own esports leagues. This allows for workplaces, schools, and more to connect with others in their same communities through their passion for esports. Overall, it offers an inclusive and fun environment for all sorts of participants. Because of this, Special Olympics NY is able to provide the same opportunity to their athletes. Towards the end, players will walk away not only with prizes but also with newfound friendships with or without intellectual disabilities.

Promoting inclusion and connection

Austin Smith, CEO of Mission Control, stated, “We’re thrilled to be able to provide an accessible opportunity for Special Olympics Unified Sports athletes to build interpersonal relationships and thrive together through shared passions for gaming and healthy competition.” Additionally, Mission Control’s values align with those of Special Olympics NY,  promoting social inclusion and growing communities, which goes hand in hand for this new collaboration.

Stacey Hengsterman, CEO of Special Olympics NY might have also hinted at expanding the program for years after: “Rocket League is going to bring our Unified Sports program to the next level, not only now while athletes are unable to compete in person but for the long-term. I can see this growing into a powerful new way for our athletes to stay connected with one another in the off-seasons for years to come.”

Upcoming tournaments

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, athletes are unable to participate in physical activities or practice. The good thing about the esports competitions is the opportunity to compete solely online. Using the Mission Control platform, players can play against each other without risking their health to COVID-19.

Athletes who participate in the tournaments have chances to play in 1v1 or 2v2 Rocket League games, allowing players to stay engaged through their own digital communities. The tournaments began June 15 and will continue on throughout this summer.