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Sector One have signed their VALORANT roster, acquiring Sammy “iDex” Van de Weghe, Ryad “SHIN” Ensaad, Tony “Goaster” Richard, Cista “KONEQT” Adel and Marcty “MARCTYLINHO” Bienvenu, sources told Upcomer on Wednesday. Those five players previously played for Megastitut.

Sector One announced that they would be competing in the French VALORANT Regional League on Jan. 27. The winner of the league will qualify for a promotion tournament and the chance to compete for a spot in VCT Europe, Middle East and Africa Stage 2. However, the organization from Brussels is used to competing in the Benelux region in other esports, such as League Of Legends, where they compete in the Elite Series.

However, in Valorant, Riot Games considers the Benelux region part of the French VRL, as the region doesn’t have its own league. As a result, Sector One will be representing the Benelux region among the eight teams playing in the league. In addition, their newly signed player, iDex, also comes from Belgium, as his arrival has been teased on Twitter already.

The remaining players are all coming from France and all five of them will be announced on Sunday.

Their former organization, Megastitut, was known for winning the VALORANT Open Tour France: Spring Qualifier in 2021. They finished first place above teams like EXCEL and Vitality. Back then SHIN, Goaster and iDex were already part of the roster, with their former teammate Wassim “keloqz” Cista joining G2 Esports after that success.

KONEQT0, who is the brother of keloqz, joined the team later alongside MARCTYLINHO. Sources told Upcomer that Karmine Corp were also interested in signing that roster last summer. .

The other teams competing in the French VRL will be Team Vitality, OG, Mandatory, beGenius ESC, Bref and Valar Morghulis. Unlike the other teams, Team BDS haven’t been announced as part of the league yet, but their participation was previously reported by Upcomer.