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Former Cloud9 starter Michael “poiz” Possis has been moved to the new academy VALORANT roster, multiple sources told Upcomer Oct. 15. 

Poiz will join a near-complete academy roster alongside Mike “Instinct” McGinniss and “RENZ.” Former Teal Seam youngster Conner “GLYPH” Garcia will also join Cloud9 academy on a trial basis. The final space is yet to be filled on the roster, according to one source. 

The North American organization made its first signing in September with the acquisition of former ‘All Around Savants’ coach Gaël “vexel” Attal. “We’re just getting started,” Cloud9 said in the announcement

Prior to the announcement of the head coach for the academy roster, the organization revealed that former Version1 in-game leader Anthony “Vanity” Malaspina would lead the main roster on Aug. 13, following a report by Upcomer. Since Cloud9 did not release a player for Vanity’s arrival, the organization placed poiz on the inactive roster. 

Cloud9 is not the only organization to field an academy roster in VALORANT. While current VALORANT Championship Tour rules, enforced by developers Riot Games, do not allow for academy teams to compete in the same event as the main roster, this has not stopped some of the largest organizations in VALORANT from fielding a second lineup. 

Most notably fellow North American organization TSM signed most of the former Noble roster that gained notoriety for knocking out the main roster during the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1 round of 32. The main roster would also later trial and sign Aleko “Leviathan” Gabuniya from the Noble team. 

Cloud9 has attempted to build an academy roster for some time. The organization was looking to create a roster shortly prior to Aug. 1, following a report by Upcomer. 

Cloud9 academy will temporarily field the following roster prior to its completion: 

  • Poiz 
  • Instinct
  • RENZ
  • GLYPH (trial)