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All North American VALORANT teams have been placed into one side of the Playoff bracket at Masters, Berlin, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the bracket. 

Berlin Playoff bracket

The playoff matches will likely be as follows: 

  • Acend/SuperMassive Blaze vs. 100 Thieves 
  • Envy vs. Sentinels 


  • G2 vs. KRU Esports
  • Vision Strikers vs. Gambit/Crazy Raccoon

Acend faces off against SuperMassive Blaze Thursday to earn one of the two remaining Playoff spots. Acend were previously taken down by Vision Strikers in the winner’s bracket following the Korean team’s victory over Paper Rex. This game will be a rematch for them against SuperMassive Blaze, who lost the first time around.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bracket, Gambit have to defeat Crazy Raccoon, who previously took down Havan Liberty in the first elimination round. Gambit lost to 100 Thieves 1-2 on Day 3 of Masters Berlin.

Earlier today Sentinels, the best team in the world, were taken down by G2 Esports. North America’s number one seed has a chance to rematch G2 in the grand final if both teams win their quarterfinal and semifinal matchups. 

Sentinels will face off against F4Q tomorrow in the last match of the group stage. This match does not bear significance toward the Playoff Bracket since F4Q have already been eliminated from the event. The Korean team was placed in a three team group because Bren Esports were removed from the event following visa issues. Riot Games, the host of the event, altered the group so each team would play each other twice.

On Sept. 17 each match will be played consecutively throughout the day. The first match will begin at 9am EST and the last match of the day will conclude at 4:30pm EST. Two matches will be played the day after, on Saturday, Sept. 18, while the grand final will be played on Sunday, Sept. 19.

The winners of the event will pocket a $225,000 grand prize and secure automatic qualification to Champions later in the year. North American team Sentinels have already qualified for the event alongside Vision Strikers, Team Vikings, Vivo Keyd, Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports, Team Secret (formerly Bren Esports) and KRÜ Esports.

The Playoff matches will be revealed tomorrow at 1am EST (7am CEST), according to multiple sources. That said, the VALORANT esports Twitter account has teased that it will leak the bracket if its tweet gets 100,000 retweets.