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Complexity are set to trial with former Pioneers player Tanner “Scourge” Kages and Robert “Truo” Pham, multiple sources told Upcomer on Wednesday.

Truo previously played for Immortals back in June, but was let go in August after the team dropped out of the North American VALORANT Champions Tour. He had a brief moment on “Lemonade Stand,” a team called “The Mafia” and Evil Geniuses before settling with his mix team “oogabooga.” Truo has recently been playing Astra and Sage, with 200+ ACS on both agents over the past few tournaments with his team, according to VLR.

Similarly, Scourge played for the Kansas City Pioneers back in June, as well, becoming inactive on the team in September. He recently moved to the team “Actually Homeless,” who played in the VALORANT Elite Showdown. Scourge has played several duelists, with his Reyna as the most prominent, boasting a 255 ACS, according to VLR. “Actually Homeless” have played in several recent tournaments, between the NSG Winter Championship and the Knights Monthly tournament.

Complexity have played in several of the same tournaments but have not seen much success. They have mostly bowed out of the events prior to qualifying for the quarterfinals, being beaten out by Evil Geniuses and TSM Academy.

Complexity recently lost Jacob “valyn” Batio to The Guard and benched Riley “ohai” Nguyen. Ohai was a diverse player for the team, playing Viper, Skye, KAY/O and Sage for Complexity, whereas valyn mainly stuck to Viper and Astra. Scourge and Truo will trial to take their places to round out the team.