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The Fortnite World Cup Finals are upon us. This is a huge weekend for esports and Fortnite and won’t be forgotten. The World Cup is the largest Fortnite tournament to date with over 200 players from across the globe coming together in New York City to battle it out over three days. This isn’t for chump change either. A $33 million prize pool is on the line. So let’s look at the landing maps for the Solo and Duos events, focusing primarily on Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, Neo Tilted, and Paradise Palms along with Ballers spawn areas. These landing maps are courtesy of Arcane.

Solo map

Let’s start with the Solo map.

Map of drop locations for all World Cup qualifiers (solo) from FortniteCompetitive

As you can see, seven people will be landing in Happy Hamlet with another four landing on the outskirts. This is going to be a highly contested area off the drop with a ton of action. Whoever comes out on top will surely be looted up for the remainder of the game. With so much talent landing at this spot, skill and and a sprinkle of RNGesus will need to be on someone’s side.

Frosty Flights is even more contested than HH. Eight players will be landing in it with an additional four on the outskirts. This is a spot that holds all types of terrain-changing mechanics and buildings at all elevations, which will make this another place to watch to see who comes out on top.

Meanwhile, we all know it wouldn’t be a Fortnite tournament without Tilted being a hot spot. While not as congested as our previous two, it still has six players landing in it. We have seen how crazy the fights can get in Neo Tilted with the high-rise buildings and wind tunnels.

Paradise Palms is our other hot spot with five players landing in it and another four landing on the outskirts. These players won’t be entering any sort of paradise here with so much opposition. Palms is a small place for six players, and they will be feeling that.

All the places listed are very close to Baller spawns except Paradise Palms. The players landing in Palms are taking a huge risk of not being able to obtain a Baller for late-game, which would put them at a massive disadvantage.


Now, lets look at the Duos map.

Map of drop locations for all World Cup qualifiers (duo) from FortniteCompetitive

Happy Hamlet will have three teams landing in it, which is less than I expected compared to the Solos map. Whoever wins here will have free rein of a large circle on the SW side of the map and secure a rotation into Shifty Shafts.

Frosty Flights will only have two teams landing in it. A nice 2v2 will decide the outcome of Frosty Flights and a potential rotation into the teams at Polar Peak.

Neo Tilted seems to be the hot spot for Duos with four teams landing in it and another three landing right above it at Loot Lake. I know the community is always excited about a high-octane Tilted drop, and it seems we will be getting that this weekend.

Paradise Palms will have four teams landing in it and one landing on the outskirts. Once again, Paradise Palms will be chaotic due to its size and the need to rotate for a Baller that isn’t near. It will be interesting to see how landing in Palms will impact teams in the late game.

Who will win?

The Fortnite World Cup Finals is shaping up to be a fast-paced brawl over the $34 million prize pool with drops like these. Community excitement and engagement will be at an all-time high over the course of the weekend as fans cheer on their favorite teams and players. Who do you think is taking home the crown?