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Esports, at its roots, often serves as a very inclusive and supportive community across all games. We have seen players surrounded with love, and fans have rejoiced alongside them as they’ve overcome great obstacles. The rise of Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler in her career further proves that no matter the obstacle, if you give it your all, you can achieve your goals.

Ewok is a deaf 13-year-old girl with a great love for Fortnite and gaming. Over the past three months, we have seen her soar to new heights. On July 27, she soared even higher by joining FaZe Clan as their first female player.

FaZe Ewok

FaZe Clan is one of the largest gaming organizations in the world. They represent some of the best and most popular players and content creators. Founded in 2010, FaZe Clan is no doubt one of the organizations players dream of joining. And now, thanks to all of her hard work, Ewok has achieved that for herself. Ewok will be surrounded by legends like herself in FaZe to support and encourage her along the way while she inspires compassion and inclusiveness in them.

Back in March, TimTheTatman recognized Ewok and hosted her channel, calling her Fortnite skills “insane”. This prompted thousands of viewers to flood to her channel. She has only grown further in popularity since then, streaming alongside well-known Twitch gamers like Ninja and DrLupo. On July 26, Ewok also competed alongside singer Jordan Fisher in the Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am and won $20,000 for the National Association of the Deaf’s Youth Program.

As if Ewok’s skills weren’t inspiring enough, her attitude and compassion for gaming and her community is unmatched. Some could say she has become the big sister of esports. Ewok is a staple for young girls wanting to make a name for themselves in esports and for those that have a disability that provides a disadvantage. She is a living example of a dream-come-true for many, and she proves that no obstacle is too great.

What do you think of Ewok joining FaZe Clan? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Fortnite news.