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SMITE is celebrating its seventh birthday with in-game events alongside the Talons of Tyranny update. 

Beginning March 23, SMITE players can enjoy working through quests and adding purchasable skins to their collection. As part of the birthday bash event, players will also get twice the experience points, favor and worshippers when they’re in a party. 

Forgotten Gods Chaa artwork. Image via Hi-Rez Studios.

Forgotten Gods Chaac

One of the featured skins is Forgotten Gods Chaac, which is available as the collection reward.

“Chaac is presented as the last priest of three ancient gods,” Sven Bybee, an advanced concept artist at Titan Forge Games, said in a press release. “He possesses a relic allowing him to channel each of them and take their visual form.”

Bybee added that instead of giving SMITE players three different skins, he wanted to tie them together through visual storytelling. The three gods represent humanity’s optimism, passion and rage.

Classic Ao Kuang artwork and in-game profile avatars. Image via @SMITEGame on Twitter.

Birthday celebration loot

In terms of the birthday celebration loot, SMITE players can now login for free gifts. One item a day will be rewarded upon login until April 6. 

The SMITE community made some of these items possible. Fanart, for example, got turned into in-game profile icons. 

Additionally, when players unlock six items they will get a free Classic Ao Kuang skin. Like the profile icons, there is a community aspect to this, as players requested the skin. The Classic Ao Kuang skin is a reference to a Kukulkan skin from the early days of SMITE. 

Thor artwork. Image via Hi-Rez Studios.

Hero and item updates 

With patch 8.3, SMITE players can also try out updated heroes while duking it out in the battlefield. 

Thor is one of these characters. His power scaling was increased for Berserker Barragem, with the final hit growing from 50% to 60%. Meanwhile, Loki received increased Flurry Hits scaling from 18% to 25%.

Other characters who received updates include Cupid, Hachiman, Set, Mulan, Athena, Horus, Ah Muzen Cab, Xbalanque, Sol and Ah Puch. 

Players will also have to get used to several updates and reworks to items. Reworks include Tier 2 Sage’s Stone, Stone of Fal and Mail of Renewal. 

Sage’s Stone had its stats adjusted to work better with the reworked Stone of Fal. It now has +50 health, +20 magical power, +15 magical protection and +15 physical protection. This can benefit support players in terms of taking on increased damage while they are laning and roaming during a match. 

As for Stone of Fal, it can help make support builds more versatile. SMITE players can enjoy the item’s +150 health, +35 magical power, +30 magical protection and +30 physical protection. The passive for Stone of Fal involves hitting an opponent with a basic attack to gain 2% damage mitigation per stack of Fal’s Blessing. When a player reaches three stacks, they will receive double the damage mitigation and 20% crowd control. 

In terms of Mail of Renewal, it got a rework because although it provided a strong heal, it was difficult for players to trigger its passive—especially in the early game. The change grants support players more rounded protections in both the early and late game. Now, the item has +300 health, +15 health regeneration rate per five seconds, +20 magical protection and +20 physical protection. 

The passive for Mail of Renewal consists of gaining stacks when getting hit by an enemy player. When the item user reaches the maximum of five stacks and gets hit, they will be immediately healed for 15% of their maximum health. Teammates nearby would also heal for 15% of their maximum health over 20 seconds. Players can check out all of these updates and changes now.