SMB's Brave talks about momentum and gives fans a message of hope
Brave has been with SMB for a very long time
Brave has been with SuperMassive Blaze for a very long time | Provided by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

SMB’s Brave talks about momentum and gives fans a message of hope

He also spoke about their chances in their upcoming matches

After not dropping a single series in both closed and open qualifiers in Turkey, SuperMassive Blaze are struggling to keep that level of success against European teams. After their second loss of the tournament,  Eren “Brave” Kasırga reflected on their performance against G2 in Europe, Middle East & Africa Challengers groups and mentioned the importance of momentum in VALORANT. He also sent a message to the heartbroken SMB fans.

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“We lost because of the momentum, since our opponent is a team that plays by getting the momentum at their backs,” he said about the G2 series. “We couldn’t win the critical rounds. For example we lost a critical eco round and they got the momentum and kept it going. We lost these critical rounds because of simple mistakes.”

He also commented on the Omen pick by G2, which helped them tremendously on Split.

“Omen can stop the execute really easily, both at A and B, and that is why he is picked,” he said. “Also they played two duelists at T side and while playing two duelists Omen is kind of a must. That is the reason behind the Omen pick. I mean, personally, I still don’t think that he is strong. He is only useful in the two duelist comp and other than that, I think he is weak.”

G2’s AvovA also mentioned Omen’s usefulness being tied to his Paranoia skill being a “long and wide Flash that goes well with Raze and Jett.”

With three weeks left on the group stage, Brave mentioned that SMB has to win all three matches ahead of them if they want to go further in this Challengers series. Despite that pressure, he’s looking ahead.

“I don’t have a team that I specifically want to play against. However, I want to beat Guild a little more since they are seen as the strongest and if you beat the strongest, you become the strongest, so that’s that.”

He also gave insight on how momentum will likely play into SMB’s strategy against Guild and other teams.

“I think it is totally about the momentum. If we can get the momentum and not make the simple mistakes, we can win against Guild. We don’t have any special preparations against them. If we can force our game style onto them, we can win. They are no different than G2 to us.”

Finally, he asked SMB fans to keep supporting them, as they still have a chance to advance out of the group stage.

“I think G2 was one of the weakest opponents at this group but as I said, with the momentum, anything is possible. Hopefully, we will beat all three and qualify out of the group. That’s all I want to say to the fans. I hope they will continue supporting us.”

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