SMB CyderX on the Acend series, matchup against G2 and BBL's chances
smb cyderx

SMB CyderX on the Acend series, matchup against G2 and BBL’s chances

He also mentioned the experience of this tournament compared to the qualifiers in Turkey
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VALORANT Champions Tour has begun its international tournaments, with Europe, Middle East and Africa Challengers drawing the most attention due to the level of competition. As one of the two representatives of Turkey, SuperMassive Blaze played their first international match of the year Saturday and they lost 0-2 to the reigning world champions Acend. After a series that had two close games, Upcomer talked with SMB’s in-game leader Caner “CyderX” Demir.

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About the match, CyderX mentioned they played extremely well on the attacking side, give or take a couple rounds.  The problems mainly started after they switched sides

“There were a couple of rounds in defense where we could have won but we had some bad calls, those set us back, even though we won the pistol round,” he said. “It was a match we could have won but we lost.”

He also talked about the history behind this matchup and whether the rivalry affected their performance and said there is “no pressure at all. Pressure is for insignificant players of insignificant teams.”

SMB had an great run in the qualifiers in Turkey, despite starting in the open qualifiers. CyderX talked about the difference of gameplay experience between the qualifiers and EMEA Challengers.

“In qualifier matches in Turkey, we could literally do anything and we would still win the round or the match more often than not,” said the 20-year-old in-game leader. “Despite bad calls or unexpected stuff happening, we had the matches in the end. Things don’t work like that here.”

He also gave his opinions about BBL’s match against Guild and their match against G2 Esports next week.

“I think it’ll be pretty rough on BBL because Guild are looking really strong in scrims right now. We’ll see if they can show that on the matches as well,” he said about the other Turkish team in the tournament.

As for G2, he said he doesn’t expect it’ll be that hard for them, considering they had a good showing against Acend.

“I don’t think we’ll have a rough time against G2 but I hope my calculations are correct on this one. We have some extra plans as well, so we’ll see,” SMB’s CyderX said.

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