2GGaming schedules overlapping regional, again.

Creates controversy among North and South Carolina Smash communities.

Super Smash Bros.'s Icon Alexander Lee · 18 May 2019


Image via 2GGaming

2GGaming, an esports organization that runs Super Smash Bros. tournaments, has caused controversy by scheduling a South Carolina regional tournament on the same day as Just Roll With It! 11, a North Carolina Smash Ultimate regional. The 2GG event, part of the organization’s Grand Tour series, is a four-hour drive away from Just Roll With It! and features a $5,000 pot bonus.

Kam Steele, one of the North Carolina tournament organizers, posted screenshots of a conversation between himself and a 2GG associate in response to a tweet from 2GG claiming he had approved the double-booking.

Though Steele does acknowledge that the tournaments were double-booked toward the end of the conversation, the 2GGaming associate makes it clear from the outset that the date is “out of [his] control” and that he is simply contacting Steele to inform him of the conflict.

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This is not the first time 2GGaming has been criticized for scheduling over a pre-established event. In 2016, 2GG scheduled 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, a Las Vegas major, over Don’t Park On The Grass, a previously announced national in Seattle. Smash players were quick to point out the similarities between the situations.

2GGaming has been a beloved Smash org for years, with milestone events such as 2GG: Civil War and 2GG: Hyrule Saga. But this isn’t even the first time the organization has come under fire this year. In March, the livestream at 2GG event Ultimate Nimbus experienced significant downtime, leading many members of the Smash community to publicly criticize the organization. 2GGaming co-founder Jmex posted a series of tweets apologizing for the issues.

At the moment, it appears both 2GG: Grand Tour—South Carolina and Just Roll With It! will be going down on June 15. Just Roll With It! is currently sitting at 63 registrants; so far, 2GGaming has seven.

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