Smash Ultimate pro MPg receives full ride to University of Delaware - Upcomer
Smash Ultimate pro signs a letter of intent to attend the University of Delaware

Smash Ultimate pro MPg receives full ride to University of Delaware

He is ranked No. 1 in Philadelphia and boasts multiple top 100 wins

Anthony “MPg” Casale has committed to the University of Delaware as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player for Blue Hen Esports, the team announced on Twitter Tuesday. MPg confirmed in a follow-up tweet that he will attend the school on a full ride scholarship for Smash Ultimate.

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“Happy and excited to announce my commitment to play Smash and continue my education at UD,” MPg tweeted. “Thanks to my family, friends, and the Smash scene for all the support over the years. Thank you UD Esports for giving me this opportunity to continue playing and doing what I love.”

Blue Hen Esports, the official competitive gaming department of the University of Delaware, fields teams in Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone, VALORANT, and Smash Ultimate. Its Smash Ultimate squad competed in the East Conference of the Electronic Gaming Federation, finishing with a 6-2 record in the 2022-23 regular season and placing third in the East Conference playoffs.

This past year, the Blue Hen Esports Smash Ultimate roster consisted of the following players:

  • Dominic “Boomer285” Zamara
  • Kerry “Boost” Ferguson
  • Chidi “Coral!” Nwogbaga
  • Emmanuel “Emba” Mbah
  • Juan “Fatal” Rodriguez
  • Keith “Hoodinii” Davis
  • Percy “P3” Allen III
  • Thomas “Swift” Pelosi

MPg and his Smash Ultimate career

MPg is currently a student at Wilmington Christian School in Hockessin, Delaware, and is ranked first on the Philadelphia Smash Ultimate power rankings. In addition, the Mega Man main has placed in the top two of every iteration of the Philadelphia power rankings since the beginning of 2022.

To date, MPg’s most notable performance was likely his third-place finish at Apex 2022. There, he defeated Yonnas “yonni” Gadissa, John “John Numbers” Goldberg, Gakuto “Gackt” Ito and Syrup before falling to Miya and Jude “Jakal” Harris.

However, MPg first gained notoriety among the broader Smash scene in 2021 when he took a selfie with Santiago “Chag” Pérez Checchi after beating him in tournament and posted it in a since-deleted tweet. MPg has also beaten top Smash Ultimate players like Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey, Salvatore “Zomba” DeSena, Juan Pablo “Skyjay” Osorio Lozada and Bharat “Lima” Chintapall.

As MPg continues his Smash Ultimate career at the University of Delaware, he will compete in a unique format that differs from traditional Singles tournaments. The Electronic Gaming Federation’s collegiate format has teams of five participate in five one-on-one best-of-three matches, with players earning points based on whether they win their set and how many stocks they had remaining in each game.

Alongside his participation on the Blue Hen Esports Smash team, MPg announced that he intends to major in psychology and minor in gaming studies as a student at the University of Delaware.

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