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The Smash World Tour Regional Finals schedule received an update due to the ongoing pandemic. According to the announcement, adjustments occurred due to the varying progress of the pandemic and the close monitoring of each situation. The Smash World Tour team also noted that they are optimistic about the new schedule.

Smash World Tour schedule changed due to COVID-19
Mario, Inkling and Donkey Kong fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. | Provided by Nintendo.

Updated schedule details

Below is the updated Smash World Tour Regional Finals schedule:

  • Europe Melee Regional Finals: August 14 – 15
  • Central America Ultimate Regional Finals: August 21 – 22
  • Central America Melee Regional Finals: August 28 – 29
  • Europe Ultimate Regional Finals: September 18 – 19
  • East Asia Ultimate Regional Finals: September 25 – 26
  • East Asia Melee Regional Finals: October 2 – 3
  • North America West Ultimate Regional Finals: October 9 – 10
  • North America West Melee Regional Finals: October 23 – 24
  • Oceania Melee & Ultimate Regional Finals: August 27 – 29
  • North America East Melee Regional Finals: October 30 – 31
  • North America East Ultimate Regional Finals: November 6 – 7

South America updates

In addition, those in charge cancelled the in-person Regional Finals for South America due to the on-going pandemic. The team behind the tournament stated it was a difficult decision because of the state of the pandemic in South American locations.

“It could be a few more months before we could host the Regional Final in-person (and even then, it would not be guaranteed),” the announcement said. “This would also leave very little time for the winners to obtain their Visas (or E.S.T.A.) for the Championships.”

The South America Ultimate Regional Finals will be hosted online on Aug. 1. The top players will duke it out against each other for a spot in the Smash World Tour 2021 Finals. According to the tournament page, fans can watch the action on the VGBootCamp Twitch channel.

Meanwhile, the Melee Panel chose Rodrigo “HP” Hinojosa and Vicente “Chape” Sánchez to advance to the Smash World Tour Championships.

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