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The 2022 Six Invitational playoff bracket is out after four days of intense group matches. Team BDS, CYCLOPS athlete gaming, SANDBOX Gaming and Team oNe eSports were the four teams eliminated from the event.

The tournament has seen close competitive games from most teams with DWG KIA and Team Liquid setting the pace. Moreover, all North American teams made it out of the group stage with only DarkZero Esports placed in the lower bracket due to a fourth-place finish.

Six Invitational Playoffs bracket explained

The Six Invitational playoffs is a double-elimination bracket with best-of-three matches. The four group winners automatically qualify for Round 2 of the upper bracket. These teams include TL, FURIA Esports, Team Empire and DWG KIA.

Furthermore, the second-seeded teams in each group picked third-seeded opponents, starting from the team with the most points overall. Teams were not allowed to pick the third seed teams from their own groups.

The winners of TSM FTX versus Ninjas in Pyjamas will then go on to face FURIA in Round 2 of the upper bracket. With FaZe Clan, TL, FURIA and NIP on the same side, only one Latin American team can make it to the semifinals from the upper bracket.

SI Playoffs
Six Invitational Playoffs bracket.| Provided by Ubisoft

Moreover, the second side of the upper brackets will see Elevate face Soniqs. Both rosters are new to the Six Invitational and should be eager to win their first SI playoffs match. The winner of that game will then face DWG KIA. Also, the two remaining Asia-Pasific teams, DK and Elevate, are also on the same side of the bracket.

Asides from the upper bracket, the four teams who finished fourth in their respective groups will play in the lower bracket. Teams that lose in the first round of upper brackets will then fall to the lower brackets for elimination matches.

The Six Invitational Playoffs will be divided into two parts. The first part will take place Sunday to Wednesday while the second part which includes the grand final will take place Feb. 18-20.

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