Should Aloy wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West?
Horizon Forbidden West Wait or Go Now
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Should Aloy wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West?

One of the tough early choices in the sequel
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Horizon Forbidden West isn’t a game with a ton of difficult choices, but there is one early on that players think could impact the rest of their playthrough. This decision is whether or not Aloy should wait or go now to the Forbidden West. The decision comes on the heels of the opening missions, where Aloy needs to venture out west to find Sylens.

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However, before that can happen, Aloy needs to meet with the Tenakth tribe, who rules the Western front. They can possibly grant her passage through their lands so she can continue her journey. The decision that’s presented to the player is whether or not Aloy should wait for the official Embassy between the Carja and Tenakth. Here, Aloy could officially meet with the tribe, which would prolong the current mission.

Wait or Go Now Horizon Forbidden West
The decision to wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West. | Provided by Guerrilla Games

Of course, Aloy can also go meet with the tribe now and forego the official Embassy. While the game makes it seem like this decision has meaningful ramifications on the story, it really doesn’t. If players decide to wait, then they can spend more time in No Man’s Land and complete side quests, try to level up more and find or craft better gear. If they want to speed through the main story, though, then players can just skip the Embassy and advance the quest immediately by meeting with the Tenakth.

If players choose to wait instead of go now, then the story of Horizon Forbidden West will be put on hold until they decide to go. The Embassy won’t randomly start, as it waits for player’s go-ahead. Once you players do, or if they chose to go now from the get-go, there will be some fighting scenes that follow. So it truly doesn’t matter what is picked for story purposes. The only thing that matters is whether or not players want to spend more time without advancing the main story of Horizon Forbidden West.

So deciding to wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West is really dependent on how much time players want to spend doing side content.

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