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Sota “Shateau” Ito won the ARMS tournament at Smash’N’Splash 5 on June 1. As the first seed at the tournament, Shateau swept through the bracket with little difficulty. In fact, across the six sets he played at Smash’N’Splash ARMS, Shateau only dropped one game.

Shateau qualified for top 8 on winners side by defeating Robert “Kholdstare” Hogan. Then in Winners Semis he beat Dastardly, the only opponent able to take a game off of him. From there, Shateau cruised to first place by overcoming Carson “SirRosalina” Allen and Caleb “PineappleFreak” V.

Meet the victor of Smash’N’Splash ARMS

Shateau is a Dr. Coyle main from Japan, and the only major Japanese contender in attendance at Smash’N’Splash ARMS. At the beginning of May, Shateau won the ARMS tournament at KVOxTSB 2019 in Osaka, Japan. There, he defeated POKOYAN, e-co, and BIDON.

Shateau has established himself as one of the strongest ARMS competitors in Japan and in the world. Other Japanese greats in ARMS include his teammates Pega and KHU. All three of these players are endorsed by the Japanese esports team DeToNator.

Long road to second place

PineappleFreak had a difficult journey to his second place finish at the Smash’N’Splash 5 ARMS event. He dropped into the losers bracket fairly early, losing to SirRosalina in Winners Quarters. However, he was able to make a deep run through losers in order to make it to Grand Finals.

PineappleFreak qualified for top 6 by beating Eve “Mileve” S and Ignatius “N-man” Chibitty. In a similar fashion to Shateau, PineappleFreak dropped the only game of his losers run to Dastardly. However, he still emerged victorious over Dastardly and advanced into Losers Semis. PineappleFreak concluded his run with 3-0 victories over Spencer “Twinedfive0” Gran and SirRosalina before falling 3-0 to Shateau in Grands of Smash’N’Splash ARMS.

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