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Shadowverse has been fairly active with its changes to cards lately. Last update Agnes, Hollow Feather was nerfed due to Storm Haven overwhelming the metagame. Lately, it seems the Shadowverse team has struggled to balance its own cards before release and has instead opted to balance them later on as the meta determines what is good and what isn’t. In any case, one card — Mjerrabaine, Omen of One — will change with a Dec. 27 update. However, this card change will most likely not have a major impact on the meta.

Mjerrabaine, Omen of One

Mjerrabaine saw fringe play in rotation on the release of Omen of the Ten. The card primarily supports a highlander-style deck, which in itself leads to inconsistency. The upside to playing Mjerrabaine did not offset the drawback of using piles of random cards as a deck. In fact, Mjerrabaine decks did not even merit a mention in the discussion of the top Verdant Conflict decks.

As the card is rotating into Unlimited, Cygames is looking to make the card more playable. In an effort to do so, Mjerrabaine, Omen of One’s cost will be reduced to 5, with no changes to stats or effects otherwise.

Will this allow Mjerrabaine to be competitive in Unlimited? Well, probably not. Unlimited is overrun by decks that can easily kill through storm damage on turn 6 or 7 consistently (Fairy Forest and Daria Rune). And if you aren’t getting stormed out, Artifact Portal is there to ensure you’ll never have a board. Want to burn the opponent out or storm them yourself? Elana Haven is going to stop you. The overall point is — Mjerrabaine is just too slow for the speed and power lever Unlimited offers.

What do you think of this card change? Will Mjerrabaine be playable now, or was more of a buff warranted? Tell us what you think!