Shadowverse Quest mode: An introduction and mission guide

Shadowverse Quest mode: An introduction and mission guide

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Shadowverse has unveiled a brand new single-player mode: Quest! Unlike most Shadowverse single-player modes, where you just beat the AI and take its lunch money, this mode requires you to complete special missions. These missions vary in difficulty, from dealing 10 damage in a turn to using a deck with only cards that cost 5 or less. These challenges will be difficult for both new and old players alike, so without further ado, let’s break down the mode!

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Shadowverse Quest mode

If you haven’t found the mode yet, it’s under Solo mode on the main menu of Shadowverse. You can play against four opponents at the moment, Kokkoro, Pecorine, Karyl, and Omniscient Kaiser. Each character uses a different deck archetype based on their class. Kokkoro uses a Fairy Forest deck, Pecorine a Midrange Sword deck, Karyl a Spellboost Rune deck, and Kaiser playing a strange token mismatch deck. Each character has missions you need to complete by playing against them. There are also general missions to complete, such as getting 30 wins and defeating the three main girls. Completing missions earns you points, which are then rewarded with sleeves, packs, and more! The Kaiser match will reset every 24 hours. Let’s break down each matchup.


Kokkoro is playing a deck filled with fairy generators and non-rotating forest cards. If you have any decent deck, beating her isn’t a very big issue at all. The challenge comes from her missions, but as she is beginner difficulty these aren’t too bad either. They are as follows:

  • Win 1 Match
  • Win a match with at least 10 defense left
  • Win a match with a deck containing only cards that cost 5 or less

Her deck isn’t very aggressive, so if you have a decent amount of board control that shouldn’t be an issue. The 5-cost restriction is the hardest mission for her in Quest by far. Even then though, it isn’t a huge issue. Many forest decks lend themselves to this requirement, such as Amataz forest or Roach forest. An aggressive blood or sword list could also work too. Artifact Portal also meets the requirements, provided you cut Mercury for the mission. Overall, this should be a good intro to how the Shadowverse Quest mode works for players.


Pecorine’s mode is much more difficult than Kokkoro’s. She’s using a decent Midrange Sword list with plenty of golds from Rotation. Beating it can be a challenge since most of sword’s cards are very good on rate regardless of card synergy. If you have a decent Unlimited or Rotation deck list you can take into ranked, you should be able to beat her. However, her challenges are a bit more tricky:

  • Win a match in 6 turns
  • Win with at least 1 evolution point left
  • Win without playing a spell

These are some tough requirements to meet, but not impossible by any stretch. Winning in 6 turns is very possible with a deck like Aggro Blood or Aggro Sword, especially if you get to go first. Winning with an evolution point left shouldn’t be too hard either. Any deck that can conserve evolutions, such as Evo Sword or Artifact Portal should fair well. As for the no-spells-allowed match, I’d try something like Midrange Sword without Ivory Sword Dance or Elegance in Action. They are powerful cards, but you are capable of winning without them.


Karyl’s are not nearly as much of a challenge. She’s playing a strong spellboost deck, but beating it isn’t too hard if you know what you’re doing. Her quests are as follows:

  • Destroy an opponent’s Karyl, Catty Sorcerous
  • Reduce an opponent’s defense by 10 or more in 1 turn
  • Play spells 10 or more times and win the match

These missions are far easier to complete than Pecorine’s. If you use any spellboost deck, like Daria Spellboost or Dimension Shift, meeting these requirements should be easy. Honestly, the hardest part of the mission is waiting for Karyl to play her card version. Some matches she won’t play it, so just be patient.

Omniscient Kaiser

Omniscient Kaiser is playing a very unique deck. Every card she plays is one normally generated by another card. In other words, these cards cannot be placed in your main deck. Some examples include artifacts, Windblast Dragon, and Crimson Sorcery. This lends her deck to doing some exceptional power plays or killing you with storm or face damage very early. Beating her with a meta Unlimited deck is possible, but there is a lot of RNG involved. Her challenges are what make her truly difficult:

  • Win a match within 8 turns
  • Win a match with a deck using no duplicate cards
  • Win a match using no evolution points

The first and last challenges are very doable, albeit difficult. On my first try with DFB Blood I was able to do the first challenge. However, that first try is the only try you get every 24 hours, so you better make it count!

As for the no-duplicate-cards challenge, I would recommend an Omen of One deck, most likely Dragon. If you have had any luck with a different deck, please let me know down in the comments!


Quest is a great new mode for players to challenge themselves and earn some fun rewards! Not all of these challenges will come easily though, so it may take a bit of grinding. I would not recommend this mode to new players, but it is possible to complete some of them with weaker decks.

What do you think of Shadowverse‘s new Quest mode? Have you had any strategies work for you? Let me know in the comments!