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Shadowverse has been celebrating its third birthday with a host of events. From tons of free packs to bonus missions, players have reaped many rewards. Now, Shadowverse is adding yet another awesome feature to the event: Take Two All-Stars!

Take Two All-Stars

Take Two All-Stars is a special version of Shadowverse‘s signature draft format, Take Two. Just like regular Take Two, players start with the choice of three random crafts to build a deck around. Once you choose a class, you pick between two different pairs of cards to add to your deck. You repeat this until you have a deck of 30 cards, then use that deck to battle it out with another player.

The key difference between regular Take Two and Take Two All-Stars is that cards from all of Shadowverse‘s sets are featured, rather than the usual 5 sets in rotation. That’s right, this version features powerful and iconic cards from all across the game’s history. It also has a strikingly higher proportion of golds and legendaries, letting players build much more powerful decks. Not to mention, every card you draft is animated, giving players a rare chance to look at some of their favorite card arts in animated form.

The mode is currently available for players to try out in private matches. You cannot play it in the arena yet. Playing a full private match of Take Two All-Stars will give the player a free ticket to use in the arena. It’s likely there will be a Grand Prix event featuring the Take Two All-Stars format to celebrate Shadowverse‘s third birthday event. Keep an eye in the next couple weeks: the event will most likely start sometime in that window.

What do you think of the event? Are there any specific crafts or decks you’re looking to draft? Let us know down in the comments below!