Shadowverse announces Korwa, Ravishing Designer card change

Shadowverse announces Korwa, Ravishing Designer card change

The Rotation meta has been remarkably stale lately, with Swordcraft and Havencraft both dominating the meta heavily. As such, many players have been looking forward to the miniature expansion set to release May 20. This expansion will introduce new cards into Shadowverse‘s Steel Rebellion. In addition, the expansion will change cards already released to better balance the meta. One such change will be to Korwa, Ravishing Designer:

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Stats: 4/4
Effect: Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect – At the start of your turn, put a Fil into your hand. Put 2 Fils into your hand instead if at least 4 damage was dealt to your leader during the opponent’s previous turn. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)
Fanfare: Enhance (8) – Put 3 Fils into your hand, and recover 3 play points.
Evolved Stats: 6/6

With these changes, Korwa’s stats will increase by one overall. She will now be a 5/5 base with a 7/7 evolved form.

Shadowverse Korwa update

Impact on the format

Prior to these changes, Korwa saw some play in Altersphere rotation. A forest control deck existed, centered around using her Fil cards to raise power and toughness. Players would use the stat changes on cards like Forest Defender to keep boards clear. White Vanara then acted as a finisher to close out the game. It’s worth noting the deck had a solid matchup against Midrange Swordcraft prior to the Steel Rebellion expansion. It would not surprise me if the deck cropped again, built entirely around aggressive swarming strategies.

However, it’s too early to call whether Korwa, Ravishing Designer will have an impact or not. The mini-expansion still has still several cards that Cygames needs to reveal, and more changes they may announce. It’s also entirely possible that Korwa won’t be played at all. For those considering playing her, it’s worth noting that her craft cost of 3500 vials will not be reduced. She will also produce only 1000 vials when liquified.

Do you think Korwa is worth crafting? Or will Midrange Swordcraft continue to dominate the Shadowverse meta? Let us know in the comments below!